Tattoo price quotes can be obtained via our "TATTOO REQUEST FORM" located below.

Our shop minimum is $60 and our hourly rate is $150.

If you need custom artwork, we may recommend a consultation appointment in order to get an accurate price quote (see Consultations).

We price in two ways, “Set Price” or “By the Hour”.

“Set Price” - A set price agreed upon in advance by you and your artist.

“By the Hour” - Pay hourly ($150) with a 3hr minimum per session.

Prices are determined by time, size & level of complexity. In many ways, you help determine the price because designs can be made larger, smaller and/or modified to fit your price range. Let us know how much you feel comfortable spending and we will work closely with you to design a custom tattoo that fits your budget.

All tattoo appointments, walk-ins and price quotes can be obtained via our "TATTOO REQUEST FORM" located below.
We DO NOT schedule tattoo appointments by phone, email or social media.

Consultations can be obtained via our "TATTOO REQUEST FORM" by selecting the "TATTOO" located below.

Appointment are at 11:30am only.

These appointments are generally reserved for larger, more complex tattoos requiring custom artwork etc. (i.e. sleeves, back pieces, etc.).

All consultations are FREE and provide an excellent opportunity for you to meet with an artist to discuss your ideas BEFORE you get a tattoo. It is our experience, that the best tattoos are created when you closely engage in the creative process with an artist.

Consultations also help define the many variables that will ultimately determine the time, price and overall scope of your tattoo.

“Consultation Appointments” are FREE and without obligation, however to book an Artist (1-2 hours at no charge) a $25.00 cash deposit or a $25 card hold is required. This deposit is immediately refunded or the hold released provided you do not miss your appointment. Deposits help eliminate “no-shows” and allows us to work with serious clientele on a professional basis. Sorry, we DO NOT schedule consultation appointments without the deposit. Thank you for understanding.

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