Accepting small & medium sized tattoos, large appointments fully booked.

Interested in making an appointment with me? Read "What to Know Before Booking" below for more info.

I've been tattooing at Epic Ink for 14+ years. Specializing in black & grey floral, neotraditional, bubblegum traditional, minimal, lettering, ornamental black work / mandalas & fine line designs. I love to create unique designs based off a client's ideas.

I prefer tattoos that can be done in one session & will only work with a limited amount of clients each year for larger pieces requiring multiple sessions.

Instagram is the best way to see important announcements or if I have a last minute opening pop up @korynnwesttattoo

What To Know Before Booking

Please take the time to read ALL of this information before choosing me as your tattoo artist. It is very important to me to be in good communication with my clients so there are no surprises when it comes to booking with me.

How to get an appointment:

When my books are open, I accept Tattoo Requests via email. I receive a high volume of requests so all replies may take up to 1-3 WEEKS depending on how many submissions I have in my inbox. I take the time to thoroughly read each one & write my reply specific to those tattoo ideas & that can take a while. I will reply via email (check your 'Spam' folders)!

PLEASE NOTE: I get more requests than I have openings for, so these openings are limited. Once we have communicated about your design & price, I will send a private link to my online scheduler where you can book the appointment, links are valid for 7 days. I send out several scheduling links all at once & my calendar updates in real time as clients book, so if no openings are shown this means all appointments have been filled & my books are closed. If no appointments are available & you would like to continue waiting please let me know & I will add you to my waitlist.

Wait Times / Waitlist:

I am generally booked out 2-4 months for small / medium pieces & 3-4 months for larger pieces. I do not book further than 4 months in advance, so you may receive an email explaining my 'Books are Closed'. This means I am fully booked & am unable to schedule your tattoo at this time.

If my books are closed, you can request to be on my waitlist. Being on the waitlist does not guarantee an appointment but you will be notified via email when I have openings available before I announce it on Instagram or the website.


I will let you know when I review your request if it falls into the category of a "flat rate" (within a range) or going hourly. For hourly tattoos, I only charge for the time I'm actually tattooing; I don't charge for drawing time, setting up, sizing/stenciling, breaks, etc. Every appointment will require a deposit paid online at the time of booking.

Your Comfort Is Important:

Tattoos can hurt! I've been there so I totally get it. Please feel free to bring music, stream a Netflix show on your phone or anything that will help keep your mind off of it (just don't forget your headphones). I am generally pretty quite when I tattoo as it's a hand crafted art & I get 'in the zone' so bringing some entertainment for yourself is totally acceptable! You may bring one guest with you to your appointment if you like.

What I am not accepting:

I am currently not accepting: full sleeves (half sleeves okay), realism or portraits. If you are requesting a cover-up, I will likely suggest laser removal prior to lighten the existing tattoo.

READY TO SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST?! Please copy the information below & email to: info@epicink.com


Preferred Artist: Korynn West

Your name:


Approximate budget (if any):

Tattoo Description (color, black & grey, style, etc.):

Approximate size in inches:

Where on body:

Please attach any images you want me to take into consideration for style/shading/etc.

Thank you! I will reply via email in order received.

About Me

I’m a quite artist who loves to travel with my family, try new foods & am always up for a good True Crime podcast or show! I also love horror games, movies & all things spooky.

Originally from San Diego, California, I relocated to Southern Oregon & began tattooing in 2008. I've grown up around the world of tattooing since I was 9 years old, eventually apprenticing under my father, Mark Kidd, who has been tattooing since 1999.

After graduating high school a year early, I worked at Disneyland until the opportunity of turning my passion of art into my career. Now, with over a decade of experience, I love to collaborate with my clients to create pieces that fit their body specifically - specializing in fine line, minimalist, floral, traditional, neo-traditional, ornamental black work & lettering.

Over the years, I have worked & learned alongside many talented artists from all different backgrounds & experience levels, picking up more knowledge along the way. I'm super grateful for all of these experiences! With these interactions & my studies of the history of tattooing, from primitive to modern, I have a deep respect and interest in preserving the longstanding traditions and values of this industry.

Your health & safety is my #1 priority! PRIVACY is available, just ask. I am certified by the American Red Cross in PDT (Preventing Disease Transmission), First Aid & also have extensive training in sterilization, infection control, blood-borne pathogens & cross contamination.

Cancellation / Reschedule Policy

Reschedule / Cancellation Policy:

Tattoo appointment deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and a FULL 72 Hour Notice is required to reschedule (regardless of emergencies or illness).

  • Deposit will be forfeited if you cancel, no show or arrive 15+ minutes late to your appointment (being late may result in a reschedule if it will disrupt other appointments).

  • Substantial design/art changes after booking may result in a reschedule or cancellation.

  • If you reschedule with less then 72 hours of notice, I will try my best to fill your spot last minute. If I am unable to, all or a portion of your deposit will be forfeited.

  • You can reschedule an appointment 2 times, a 3rd request to reschedule will result in an automatic cancellation.

  • Deposits cannot be transferred to another person.

  • There are NO CASH refunds (in the rare event you receive a refund, a 10% credit/debit card processing fee will be applied).

You can reschedule by email with a FULL 72 hour notice: info@epicink.com

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