Korynn Patay


I am a Tattoo Artist at Epic Ink Tattoo & Piercing and am a State licensed professional. I have grown up around the world of tattooing since I was 9yrs. old. I apprenticed under my father who has been tattooing professionally since 1999. I have extensive training in sterilization, infection control, bloodbourne pathogens and cross contamination and am also certified by the American Red Cross in “Preventing Disease Transmission” and in “First Aid”. I love to take art classes in the local community, experiment with new art mediums and have studied the origins and history of primitive tattooing from around the world to modern day tattooing. My studies have also included the evolution of American tattooing from the first tattoo patents to the “pioneers” of the tattoo industry from American side shows, circuses to the Pike & Bowery. I have a deep respect and interest in understanding and preserving the longstanding traditions and values of this industry. I’d love to see and hear about your tattoo ideas so come on in and see me at EPIC for your new tattoo!

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