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We are honored that you have considered us for your tattoo and we thank you for the opportunity. We don't rush tattoos and promise not to rush yours. We look forward to providing you with the undivided attention you deserve and appreciate your patience while we hand-craft each tattoo, one at a time.

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Price Quotes & Appointments

We are a "private" studio and work by prior appointment (no foot traffic). We have elected to use email for our initial tattoo support which allows us to receive/process your request in one place and in sequential order. It may be helpful to know that we do not have staff providing customer support (phones, texting , social media, etc.) while we tattoo so, your patience is greatly appreciated.

First, we encourage you to visit our "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) page for answers to common questions (i.e. walk-ins? wait times? prices? etc.). Anyone continually asking questions covered there will kindly be redirected to the FAQ page.

Next, find an artist to work with by visiting our "Tattoo Artists" page. You can see our bio's, portfolio's, rates, booking requirements, etc. (they vary). Our Artists are "independently owned & operated" and each manage their own schedules, emails and workflow accordingly. If you are open to "any" artist, we will pair you with the best fit.

After you've found your artist, send them an email using the "Tattoo & Price Quote Request" information listed below . Your artist will contact you in order received. Once we've worked everything out with you and given you a price quote, we'll email a link to book using our online scheduler. If your tattoo is more complex and requires meeting in person, we'll send you a link for a "Consultation Appointment" (see FAQ "Consultations"). CHECK SPAM/JUNK FILTERS!

WALK-IN's - Our doors are not open for "walk-in" traffic however, you can mail us if you would like to try to get a walk in. We occasionally get unexpected openings and refer to email submissions to fill these spots. Feel free to send us an email including the "Tattoo & Price Quote Request" information below with "Walk-In" in the subject line . IF we have an opening we'll contact you. If we don't reply right away, we were probably tattooing and will reply at our earliest convenience.


Korynn West is accepting Tattoo Requests for her wait list for 2023 appointments. For more info, see her artist page here.

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Would you like to be placed on a wait list if we can't get you in right away?

Thank you! We will reply in order. Check your "Spam/Junk" filters!

Please visit our FAQ page for more Q&A's