Epic Ink Piercing - Aftercare Instructions

Congratulations. You’ve just received a body piercing by a trained professional who has cleaned and disinfected the area pierced and used sterile needles, piercing instruments, and jewelry. Now it is up to you to take appropriate care of your piercing.


Chemicals of any kind will upset the balance within your newly forming cells and create a situation in which your piercing will heal tremendously slowly (if ever). DO NOT USE: Satin, Provon, Rubbing Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Bactine, Ear Care Solutions, Neosporin, Betadine or Hibiciens.


Saline Solution and/or Non-iodized Sea Salt Solution – The easiest way to acquire saline is in the form of SALINE SOLUTION FOR CONTACT LENSES. Preferably, the sterile type in a pressurized can. Do no use contact cleaning or soaking solutions. Non-iodized sea salt can be found at any convenience or health food store. Do not use table salt or Epsom salt. The sea salt solution is made by mixing ¼ teaspoon sea salt with 8 oz. hot water.


ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE TOUCHING YOUR BODY PIERCING Heat a small amount of saline or sea salt solution in a clean container in the microwave. Place this solution in a position that will soak the piercing. For instance, hold a small glass over your navel or nipple and lie back or use cotton balls, gauze, or a clean washcloth for hard to get to piercing. Leave the hot solution there until it is cold, then rinse the piercing with fresh saline solution. Gently clean any lymph (crusties) away from the piercing using a clean Q-tip without turning the jewelry. Do this 2 to 3 times a day until your piercing is healed.

DO NOT move the jewelry back and forth through the piercing – it does more harm than good. Any bacteria or germs on the outside of the piercing would now be pushed inside causing irritation. When clothing is to be in contact, or over the piercing, stay with clean, loose, breathable (cotton) clothes.

If you have any questions please call Epic Ink Tattoo & Piercing at 541.944.5433 We Are Here To Help!

It is important to understand that different piercings may have special requirements for proper healing (i.e. oral vs. navel). To ensure proper healing of your piercing please consult your piercer.

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